What if….? scenarios

What If?

Running a business is tough enough but what would happen if: 

  • Your key customers went into liquidation
  • Your major supplier was unable to deliver
  • You had a major fraud committed against you?

These are just three of the issues our clients get concerned about (there are many more right now!)

It is important in tough trading times to sit down and have a good look at your business strategy and think about possible events that might impact on the results and prepare an action plan to mitigate those events.      

We’ve developed two simple tools – “Business Analyst” and “Breakeven Analysis” to help you think about the different scenarios and issues and the impact they could have on your business.

Business Analyst is a simple Excel “What if?” tool where you can see the impact on your profit of changes in:


  • Sales price
  • Sales volume
  • Expenses

It also allows you to gauge the sensitivity of price changes against volume and to design future strategies to maintain and improve profit.     

Our Breakeven tool is designed so you can predict what turnover you need on a weekly or monthly basis to meet your fixed expenses, allowing you to monitor how you are doing. 

We can also sit with you and help design a strategy to guide your business through the next twelve months and agree an action plan for survival.

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You can also download our iPhone App – Business Profitability Analyst from the apple store.