HMRC “task force” coming this way….

HMRC have two broad responsibilities for tax: to inform taxpayers about the tax they have to pay (or provide them with enough information so they can self-assess), and to collect tax from those who refuse to pay the amounts due under the law.

part of their ‘collection’ remit HMRC have launched four new taskforce teams to
target specific industry sectors for tax enquiries in these regions:

  • restaurant trade in
    Lincolnshire and Tyneside, Yorkshire and Humber;
  • haulage industry in Milton
    Keynes, Oxford and Northampton;
  • holiday industry in North
    West and South West England and Wales; and
  • the fishing industry in

If you operate in these sectors and geographical
areas, there is potential for an HMRC visit. In general the HMRC inspectors
will make an appointment, and at that stage we may be able to persuade the
inspector that your tax affairs are fully declared and all liabilities
are paid. If that doesn’t work, we would suggest it is a good idea that we attend any meeting with the
HMRC inspectors to make sure you don't give any careless

If you have not got cover in place to fund the professional fees that would be incurred in any of these visits (or indeed any other inspections or enquiries) please ask us about this.