A case study – business transformation

We were recently approached by a company for assistance with their accounting. They were behind and struggling….

In the initial FREE meeting we identified a series of cost effective measures that would transform in a very short time how they processed data and get up to date. 

The first was the use of bank rules in the accounts software – setting a transaction so that it was automatically posted next time it cropped up rather than having to laboriously code it each time.

We implemented automatic data extraction and posting of purchase invoices into the accounts rather than printing out invoices attached to emails and passing them for manual rekeying. 

A dashboard graphical view of the business was implemented giving a "big picture" overview of salient figures at a glance. This will be developed further shortly. 

We then put in place automatic debt chasing and credit risk assessment, expense claims processed simply by taking photos, rather than Excel spreadsheets…..and a few other tweaks elsewhere.  

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